Friday, November 26, 2010

Thomas Surfboards

Thomas Bexon is a local coast surfer/shaper & the force behind THOMAS SURFBOARDS.
Mighty fine waverider & most excellent craftsman of sliding & ocean dancing vehicles.

Thomas Surfboards from GroundedMotion on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A few weeks ago I promised Steve that when I finished reading his book I would whore it out in ode to its brilliance. Steve suggested that I just pass it on to its next reader, but I prefer to be a hooker of 21st Century non-fiction literature.

Steve Crombie is a futuristic adventurer. There are no plumes of feathers protruding out of a velveteen hat, no sign of a khaki clad body and not a pair of brass binoculars in hand; it’s just Steve and his motorbike.

LOST ON EARTH is his personal account of his epic 90,000km ride from Australia to the Arctic Circle. The journey takes him 2 years and within those 2 years he suffers from dehydration, starvation, disease and rebuilds his beloved motorbike ‘Wolverine’ 5 times over. At the beginning of his journey he declares to himself that the only way he is going home is by bike or by box.

Throughout the book, Steve has the ability to absorb you into his ride and when you can actually pull yourself away from it, you’re left with a zest that makes you want to bury your head back in the pages and carry on along with his adventure. About three quarters of the way through, Steve asked me if I’d finished reading it yet and I anxiously replied that I didn’t want to finish the book because then the adventure would be over, he cheerily answered “YOU CAN JUST READ IT ALL OVER AGAIN MILLS!!”, true, so I continued on.

There’s one particular passage in the book which I adore, where he meets a particularly extraordinary man who passes on these words to him ‘...Why stop? Whatever makes you happy. All your long and lonely days on the road are going to teach you more about life than any university. There’s no reason to feel guilty doing something you love. The best way to learn how or why you’re doing something is by actually doing it. You might not know what you’re working towards yet, but these experiences will shape your life. You might struggle at first, but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll work it out. Use your imagination to feed your hunger if you can’t afford it – and when the time’s right again, hit the road. But don’t rush; you’ve got a whole lifetime ahead of you’. From riding past delicious sunflower fields speckled in golden sunshine to resorting to licking bugs off the front guard of his bike to sustain his starving stomach to interacting with peculiar and beautiful characters along the road. His journey is saturated with epic highs and lows which ultimately become the fuel to light Steve’s thirst to continue.

My Dad picked up the book, mentally and emotionally devouring it within two days and is still rambling on to anybody who will listen as if it were he himself that rode 90,000km on a motorbike. Even if you aren’t the adventuring kind, this book makes it possible for you to experience the life of a man who dreamt of something and threw himself out into the world to pursue and live it. Maybe in turn rousing you to take your own steps towards that dream [whatever it may be] that’s always lingered in the back of your mind. Or maybe you can be refreshed by the fact that there are still adventurers in this world, which continue to chase the horizon and who relish in the calm and chaos of this amazing world.

Or maybe you should just read LOST ON EARTH because I’m a damn fine literary hooker. Either ways read LOST ON EARTH and remember that ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all’.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


25th September 2009

I've noticed lately that a lot of negative remarks & insensitive jokes have been bandied around about Rangas.

Whilst some of these jokes are quite hilarious,I personally have no issues with the magical Ranga.In fact,some of my most loved people have red hair.

Here,I have compiled a list of some of my favourite Rangas.

1. My best friend,Larissa.
Larrison is a proper Rang,none of this bottle red shit.I've never really been aware of Larrison being a Ranga until other people point it out or Larrison talks about Ginge boys applying lots of sunscreen or the possibility of her & a Ginge boy having see-through babies.I love that Larrison is a Ranga,coz it makes her different.Maybe that's why we're friends,coz we're both freaks or as we'd like to call it...UNIQUE & FUCKING AWESOME.


2.Pippi Longstocking.
Pippi Longstocking was my ultimate hero when I was a kid [and maybe even still,haha],she was strong,independent,adventurous & she had both a pet monkey & a horse.She was & will always be fucking cool.


3.The Little Mermaid.
The mermaid with luxurious red hair that made us all want to live under the sea.A classic Disney Film,why?Coz she was a Rang! A blonde mermaid may have been noticed,but a red-head mermaid nobody forgets.


4.Josh Homme.
Frontman of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE amongst other musical pursuits.Josh is not only talented,but is a rare male Ranga of Rock,the man is SEX on legs [and Larrison's husband,he just doesn't know it].

5. Seth Green.
Any man that can make stop-motion animation so fucking hilarious is alright with me.Without him there would be no Robot Chicken, 'nuff said.

6. Molly Ringwald.
The 80's wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for Molly Ringwald.She starred in such movie classics "The Breakfast Club, "Sixteen Candles" & "Pretty in Pink".


7. Lois Griffin.
The Mama of FAMILY GUY,Lois is a lady of questionable morals & challenges the stereotype Mum.She's from a rich family,but married Peter because she liked his low-class & easy going manner.Through the entire Family Guy series she's been a kleptomaniac which subsequently brought her to prison,had a gambling addiction,smoked weed whilst pregnant with Stewie,was addicted to meth & had an affair with Bill Clinton.

8.Shirley Manson [GARBAGE].
The frontwoman of GARBAGE & one of the most famous & poplar ladies of Rock who just happens to be a Ranga.Shirley is fierce both in & out of the music world,a strong supporter of animals rights Shirley has been involved with PETA for numerous years.

9.Florence Welch [Florence & The Machine].
Florence is the frontwoman of her band FLORENCE & THE MACHINE.They're one of my favourite bands,I've been listening to the album LUNGS on repeat for over a month now.And Florence CAN sing.

10.Clara Bow
Clara was the "It Girl" of the roaring 20's.Not only one of the most talented flappers of her time,she was also a famous star during the silent film era due to her beauty,vitality & enthusiasm.Although she was a world renowned actress,flapper,"It Girl" & famous for her mass of tangled red hair, Clara was not liked by other women in Hollywood due to her bohemian lifestyle,thick Brooklyn accent & dreadful manners,plus the fact that she came from the slum in Brooklyn which never sat well within the Hollywood community.

single shmillicent : dating story # 26 [surfing date mutiny]

[Written a little while ago...]

Today,this afternoon actually I went on a date.

You know how much of a fan I am of awkward dates.Well,this afternoon I went on this date & it was by the beach.As we sat there awkwardly talking about shit,I could see the sets peeling through off the point in the distance.

I'd already done my little yoga efforts at sunrise + surfed the point in the morning on a fat old single fin log,but didn't expect the swell to still be rolling through til late afternoon [this is the Sunshine Coast,the coast of fickle].

As I sat there attempting to concentrate on the conversation with date-man,all I wanted was to grab my board out of the car & paddle out to make the most of the beautiful waves we've been blessed with the past couple of days.Date-man started talking about how he went on a contiki tour,I fucking hate contiki tours.As he rambled on about how "maggot" he got,I politely interrupted him & said "Look,see out there?Those waves don't happen often & they are currently delicious.See,you & me...we
have nothing in common.You like contiki tours,I get drunk & steal donkeys in Mexico & get chucked in jail...we're too far apart & we both know it".
He looked at me & said "you want to go surfing don't you?" & I said "Yes,but only if you agree that this date is not exactly the greatest" & he replied "Nah,we're not the same really".
So I thanked him,gave him a hug,paid the bill & ran to the car to chuck my bikinis on & get my old log out & paddle out to the point for some of the funnest waves I've had in a long time.


Point of story,listen to Beyonce & be an independent woman.And also,don't date a guy who likes contiki tours & obviously spends way too much time at the gym.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Even though you're a fierce tiny little semi-asian lady who scares the fuck out of me most of the time,I still love your guts mega & am happy & blessed that you're my Mum.
Malipayong adlaw nga natawhan.Gihigugma ko ikaw!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh,Christmas Tree.Oh,Christmas Tree.

Do you want to know what Christmas is??

THIS,is Christmas.

I fashioned [with inspiration from Frankie & teepee constructing skills courtesy of Bear Gryls] this little stunner out of some gum tree branches + twine + shells + recycled fabric love hearts + bits of old lace & gold trim + wire & old strung pearls from a necklace

sailing the high seas.

I have a habit of seeing little quotes I really like wherever I wander & scrawling them down on bits of paper that usually get lost or I find in the bottom on my bag about 6months later.

This is one of them.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

R.I.P Andy.

Andy Irons
He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha.

[I still can't believe it]