Sunday, November 21, 2010

single shmillicent : dating story # 26 [surfing date mutiny]

[Written a little while ago...]

Today,this afternoon actually I went on a date.

You know how much of a fan I am of awkward dates.Well,this afternoon I went on this date & it was by the beach.As we sat there awkwardly talking about shit,I could see the sets peeling through off the point in the distance.

I'd already done my little yoga efforts at sunrise + surfed the point in the morning on a fat old single fin log,but didn't expect the swell to still be rolling through til late afternoon [this is the Sunshine Coast,the coast of fickle].

As I sat there attempting to concentrate on the conversation with date-man,all I wanted was to grab my board out of the car & paddle out to make the most of the beautiful waves we've been blessed with the past couple of days.Date-man started talking about how he went on a contiki tour,I fucking hate contiki tours.As he rambled on about how "maggot" he got,I politely interrupted him & said "Look,see out there?Those waves don't happen often & they are currently delicious.See,you & me...we
have nothing in common.You like contiki tours,I get drunk & steal donkeys in Mexico & get chucked in jail...we're too far apart & we both know it".
He looked at me & said "you want to go surfing don't you?" & I said "Yes,but only if you agree that this date is not exactly the greatest" & he replied "Nah,we're not the same really".
So I thanked him,gave him a hug,paid the bill & ran to the car to chuck my bikinis on & get my old log out & paddle out to the point for some of the funnest waves I've had in a long time.


Point of story,listen to Beyonce & be an independent woman.And also,don't date a guy who likes contiki tours & obviously spends way too much time at the gym.

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