Monday, January 30, 2012

in the jungle

Finally,after being locked indoors for what felt like eternity due to torrential rains,we ventured into the outside world for some much needed fresh air.

B + I ventured up to Tambourine Mountain & wandered into the rainforest.After so much rain the rainforest was dense with mist,humid & there were a gazillion leeches.

Beautiful little mushroom villages had popped up everywhere + the creeks were splattered in bursts of bright pink as Lillypilly berries were washed downstream + pademelons danced along the rotting rainforest floor + waterfalls fell to the earth below + birds had conversations across the trees + I got attacked by 17 billion leeches.

Rain is lovely,but I'm really missing the sunshine.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

kimono flow

I've slowly delved into some sewing again for my 
clothing label & these are 2 kimonos which have come to fruition.
They're possibly the comfiest little pieces of clothing ever!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Whenever possible I try to use environmentally friendly products throughout my daily life.Cleaning products are usually so intensely chemical & it's difficult to find products that are both environmentally friendly + actually work well without the chemicals.

One of my favourite products is ORANGE POWER,not only is it extremely effective around the house it is entirely owned + made in Australia from Australian natural ingredients including pure orange oil + plant derived ingredients. I use the Multi-Purpose Cleaner for general cleaning becuase it is safe to use on basically anything + has a natural citrus scent that isn't derived from synthetic fragrances.

Another product I love are the Air Fresheners,although they come in a tiny 125ml spray bottle you literally only need a tiny spray to eliminate any odours + all 125ml is usable unlike most sprays that are 2/3 propellent.The air freshener is available in lemon myrtle + orange oil,lime + orange oil,lavender + orange oil,orange oil & as an added bonus,these sprays can be added to your bath for some extra yummyness or add a little to bathwater when giving your pets a bath.

Orange Power is available from most supermarkets or check out their website here. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012


My blog is hungry + I haven't had access to my Mac for about a month now.
As much as I love to be away from technology,it's also quite lovely to be able to instantly update this little cyber home with happenings + stories + photos + creations.

It's a little bit late,but better late than never I guess!!?? 
I want to wish everybody a beautiful two thousand & twelve.
I hope this year brings everybody lots of love + light + growth + adventures + beginnings + endings + general awesomeness!

Personally I'm a bit excited about this year,it's been a challenging few years for me & this year finally feels like I'm solidly standing on my own two feet again & ready to be a warrior more than ever.
I'm blessed with a gorgeous group of friends,even though scattered around the lands,I still love them like no tomorrow + vice-versa.
There's a beautiful loving fella in my life whom I adore & adores me.
Everything feels alright & I'm welcoming of that.

HAPPY 2012! xx

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

let's go get lost.

Bren + I have been wandering around the 
countryside for the past 3 weeks.

 Adventures experiences.muchos laughs.
chasing sunsets.relishing sunrises.winter in summer.
sea injuries.ridiculously fresh + delicious food.
buckets of silliness.fresh faces.
overdosing on Tom Waits 
huge amounts of gigantic love!