Thursday, March 31, 2011

drifting under the stars.

I've always had a fascination with sleeping outdoors,whether it be camping,sleeping on the sand underneath a sky of stars,in a teepee in the desert or swinging in a hammock with the afternoon breeze drifting by.

When I was little,I bought a packet of glow in the dark stars with some pocket money I'd saved up & stuck them to the ceiling of my bedroom so it felt like I was constantly sleeping outside,my parents thought I was weird.My bedroom window was always wide open so the night time breeze would lull me to sleep,it's always made me feel more peaceful sleeping that way even up till now.

I have major sleep issues,so having a space that relaxes me & encourages me to want to fall asleep is really important for me these days.

Below are some images I've collected off the innernetz of some gorgeous bedrooms/sleeping spaces/rooms that I'd love to drift off to sleep in.They all look so breezy & mega snuggly & generally sleepy-times yum!

[image/s sourced from the net]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

these moments.

Laying in bed thinking about being in a cramped up van with 8 guys.
Knees underneath my chin & through a tiny bit of window space,spying chocolate peaks thunder through as we twist around the gravel & mud roads.

massive typhoon reef swells,dodging coconuts in the surf,rain so heavy it stings your skin.

Hitching midnight rides on ships,swaying in a hammock in the middle of the sea.
i'm happy to have lived these moments

just fine.

Yesterday afternoon I received a parcel in the mail from Sweden.Within that parcel was a delicious roll of nature-inspired tape I had ordered from the lovely little store/online store Fine Little Day.

The store is self-described as "...Fine Little Day is a swedish multidisciplinary art and design platform and brand, that specializing in playful creating. The Shop is located in Sweden/Gothenburg" 

I'm trying to remain calm & not spend my coins on every single thing in the shop.There's so much goodness to be purchased there! 
I adore the sailing boat wallpaper. 
But for now,I will be covering everything in this wilderness tape...

value yourself.

My best friend Larissa passed this onto me last night,I really love it & thought I'd share it here.

"You think because he doesn’t love you that you are worthless. You think that because he doesn’t want you anymore that he is right — that his judgment and opinion of you are correct. If he throws you out, then you are garbage. You think he belongs to you because you want to belong to him. 

It’s a bad word, ‘belong.’ 

Especially when you put it with somebody you love. Love shouldn’t be like that. Did you ever see the way the clouds love a mountain? They circle all around it; sometimes you can’t even see the mountain for the clouds. But you know what? You go up top and what do you see? His head. The clouds never cover the head. His head pokes through, because the clouds let him; they don’t wrap him up. They let him keep his head up high, free, with nothing to hide him or bind him. 

You can’t own a human being. You can’t lose what you don’t own. Suppose you did own him. Could you really love somebody who was absolutely nobody without you? You really want somebody like that? Somebody who falls apart when you walk out the door? You don’t, do you? And neither does he. You’re turning over your whole life to him. Your whole life, girl. 

And if it means so little to you that you can just give it away, hand it to him, then why should it mean any more to him? He can’t value you more than you value yourself."

-Toni Morrison-

[image/s sourced from the net]

Monday, March 28, 2011

just another manic monday

monday morning in the land of being self-employed.
i wonder what this desk will look like by friday, actually,by tonight.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the great & filthy tide of life.

the last few days gone by...

.new little lady,Lailah 4 weeks old & divine
.fisherman markets with Crispy,fresh fruit & veges + lots of plants & coffee + splice smoothies at Cotton Tree
.taking some time out by myself at Peregian for the day
.soaking in the sunshine
.sugared in sand
.floating like a starfish in the sea
.collecting shells
.reading + drawing
.finding little sea creatures 
.drive-by flower stealing from peoples gardens