Sunday, January 30, 2011

beware the mouth.

My pal Samasaurus AKA Sam AKA The Solar Bear  has made his first mix.

It's called BEWARE THE MOUTH,so if you're a fan of dreamy & delicious beats head along to this here link.


Friday, January 28, 2011

& I'm likely to miss you the most.

Your sunlit eyes run towards feral harmonic.
I heard you looking from the treebones,your
breath smelt like ghosts & I'm likely to miss 
you the most.
You the rambling drifter,me the gypsy pirate.

-7th December 2009

When I wrote this,I never realised how true it would end up being.
The universe works in strange ways.

infinite possibilities.

“on that night, too excited to sleep, infinite possibilities seemed to swirl above me. i stared up at the plaster ceiling as i had done as a child. it seemed to me that the vibrating patterns overhead were sliding into place. the mandala of my life.”
-just kids-

wing plan.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

sad eyes + crooked crosses.

The past couple of weeks have been saturated with sadness,tear soaked pillows in the darkness of night,an undeniable feeling of happiness & excitement all mixed together to form a mass of confusion for myself.
Tonight I realised that I have died.Don’t start freaking the fuck out,I am still alive ok?
I mean that,I’ve come to a point where so much intense change has happened within me & around me over the past 2 and a bit years that in a way I guess I’m mourning the death of my old self. Change is constant & whether it is wanted or not,accompanying change is it’s little friend melancholy.
Looking at my life now,in this present moment & looking at my life just a few steps back into the past,it’s completely altered.I am completely new.Sure there are still fragments of my old self that remain,but generally I’m sparkly & new.I’ve left a part of myself behind,died in one life in order to enter & live a new life.And I don’t mean this in a creepy religious kind of way either ok?
Life rents us,but on the flip side we rent it too & change enables us to choose a different rental or stay in the same old one doing the same old shit until the day we die.
I’m excited about my new life,my new self,but I won’t deny the fact that it’s sad to say goodbye to the way I used to function,the people that inhabited my past & the moments that accompanied it all.
But this death is a marvelous death.
Goodbye old me.

The Land of Oz

spangles of sunshine
cicadas singing 
the sky is filled with black cockatoos ♥

Monday, January 24, 2011

sunshine days.

Yesterday consisted of road trippin'down south.singing along to Iggy Pop.frolicking in the sunshine.playing in the sea.sprinkled in sand.eating delicious eats at Cool Katz.Slurpee missions.drooling over beautifully shaped quad fish.relishing in the freedom & independence of single life.playing ukeleles.sharing stories.sharing gigantic hugs.letting some tears flow.laughing crazily about stupid shit.watching the sun set as we made the drive back home.

Today,a beginning dancing with the sea at 5 in the morning on an old borrowed log as the morning sun skipped across the surface of the ocean.Followed by a few moments of meditation & yoga.Inspired & soaking up the creativity that my gorgeous friends throw out into the world.Now off to work more on my new label & start a fresh commission painting for 2011.

I am in bliss 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

f*#k you & your blog.

Admittedly I am a journal/notebook/notepad whore.On my book shelf I have piles of used & unused journals & notebooks & notepads,I just love them.Especially if they're a little bit special,they might be limited edition or hand-made or designed by some underground artist...BLISS!! 
I found this journal a few days ago in the TYPO store at the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore & it made me laugh,so I bought it.Yeah,I realise that at this very moment I'm typing away on my blog,but's an awesome journal!

hello there lovely

I stumbled upon a really great blog called NEON GYPSY.There's a piece that 'Neon Gypsy' has written & I really adore it.I thought I'd share it here with you,the piece is called 'WHAT MAKES YOU STRONGER?' 

hello there lovely,

you are far too young, far too beautiful, far too wonderful to feel so broken 
so wake up! 
wake up to the birds, wake up to the sunshine, wake up to the sea solitude is not sadness, and dependence is not weakness look at yourself.look at all you are carrying, look at who you've become,and be amazed. 
own yourself.
own everything you are, the dark and the light. 
there are no mistakes within people, no mistakes in your creation you are marvelously whole,and don't listen to the fools who tell you otherwise!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the flower thieves

This afternoon my friend Chris dropped by after he finished work to give me some drugs for my horrible flu & so we could go pick flowers & also so I could get some gigantic hugs from him!

We stole flowers from the wilderness & I snotted everywhere like the classy lady I am.

It's the little things that make life awesome.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

frock off.

Next month I'm launching my new label 'Millie',these are 
a couple of the frocks I've made + a pair of the guys shorts 
which will be a staple for the label.
Slightly excited!!! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

madness & miracles.

"I always wonder why birds choose
to stay in the same place,
when they can fly anywhere on earth.

Then I ask myself the same question."

"Courage is not the absense of fear,

but the knowledge that
something else is more important than fear"

Thursday, January 13, 2011


As horrible as the flooding has been and still is and will continue to be,the images,stories & personally being part of all the chaos crept up on me today & I feel a massive sense of pride being a Queenslander.

This natural disaster has somehow managed to bring out the awesomeness in the people of this State.
People have come together,helped each other out without hesitation,strangers helping strangers,being so honestly warms my heart to be part of a State of people who look after one another in a crisis.

I've never been so bloody proud to be a Queenslander.

If you are unable to personally help out those in need,please donate at the following link

If you are able to give some time to volunteer for the upcoming cleanup please call 

3002 7600

Also if you can donate any supplies to the RNA Showgrounds & any evacuation centres,they
are in need of mens clothing,thongs/shoes & socks for both genders and toiletries.If anyone 
can spare these items,please help.

Please try & do your bit to contribute.

All images I've rounded up from the net.Copyright to their respective owners.