Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Village Markets | design

As you may know,the past month I've been crazily busy getting back into creating once again for 2012.In between designing + sewing up the fresh new range of Autumn/Winter range.working on a few custom clothing orders.starting new design projects for different lovely clients,I've managed to finish one project for The Village Markets.
I love The Village Markets,it's a bit dear to my heart as I've been attending the markets since the beginning,first with my previous clothing label & now with Millie.Along the way I've constantly been proud of the work & progress that Sarah & Marissa have achieved with their gorgeous market space & the support + platform they've provided for young designers & artisans.So when they asked me if I would be interested in designing their new promotional merchandise for 2012 I was totally honoured & excited to partake!

After a few late nights sketching away,I was happy with this illustration for their new merchandise.A bit of a clean up + a few tweaks on zee Mac & I emailed off the new design to Marissa + Sarah who are now loving their fresh,new TVM merch design.

Love + creative happiness all 'round!

Friday, February 24, 2012

new fangled + near.

[written many moons ago]

New fangled and near now to someone you love when you are both young and old; when all was gold and you two touched and felt the flutter beneath your skin.

You stood in flickering rooms in countless shanty towns, the burning light dripping from both of you and nothing since has felt as radiant or real. There is nothing more I want than just one night that’s free of doubt and sadness.

One night that I can really feel everything will fall right into place.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

∞ p i n k p a l m s ∞

A huge mahalo to my island sister + amazingly talented 
photographer,Melanie Tjoeng for including some Millie  lovin' in one of her shoots today.
Beautiful shots lady! 

Featured : 

+ 'Darling Adventures' Guys T-shirt
+ 'Tiny Gardens' Ladies Cotton Bloomers

All images © copyright of melanie tjoeng photography

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happiest Love Day,lovelies
xx millie

.....And BIG LOVE to my Mister man,every single day x

Sunday, February 5, 2012

frame by frame

My Dad always hassles me about the fact that I photograph almost everything.

The other morning as B & I were about to tuck into a hearty breakfast of eggs benny + smoked salmon,I quickly whipped out my iPhone & snapped a picture of our delicious breakfast. 

B asked me purely out of curiousity,"why do you take photos of everything?" 
to which I replied with, "Well in 50 years from now when 
I'm probably going to be suffering from some sort of horrible 
amnesia-dementia I will have a gazillion photos to visually remind me that 
I actually lived my life & not just existed".

He licked the runny egg yolk off of the blunt edge of his knife,smiled & said "I really admire everything you do Millie".

But it's true you know? There are many times when I'm completely down on myself & feel as though I haven't done enough,lived enough,
experienced enough in my 29 years. And all it takes is 
a quick glimpse through my photos & they remind me of the 
thousands of experiences I've accumulated over time & that makes me happy.