Sunday, February 5, 2012

frame by frame

My Dad always hassles me about the fact that I photograph almost everything.

The other morning as B & I were about to tuck into a hearty breakfast of eggs benny + smoked salmon,I quickly whipped out my iPhone & snapped a picture of our delicious breakfast. 

B asked me purely out of curiousity,"why do you take photos of everything?" 
to which I replied with, "Well in 50 years from now when 
I'm probably going to be suffering from some sort of horrible 
amnesia-dementia I will have a gazillion photos to visually remind me that 
I actually lived my life & not just existed".

He licked the runny egg yolk off of the blunt edge of his knife,smiled & said "I really admire everything you do Millie".

But it's true you know? There are many times when I'm completely down on myself & feel as though I haven't done enough,lived enough,
experienced enough in my 29 years. And all it takes is 
a quick glimpse through my photos & they remind me of the 
thousands of experiences I've accumulated over time & that makes me happy.

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