Wednesday, May 30, 2012

steve,i love you.

Last Sunday I purchased myself a palm sander which I've now affectionately called Steve.

I love Steve.

Steve has opened up my world to infinite woodworking possibilities.My cheese board making has become even more fun because of Steve.

Today I made 2 more cheese boards & hopefully tomorrow I'll make 2 more in between the 10thousand other things I need to do.

Thanks Steve,you're ace.

little room

I read this article with Jenny Kee a little while back in Frankie magazine,but because I live in disconnected chaos I have no idea where my copy of the magazine is. There's a paragraph in the interview that I adore & it really reinforced what I've been trying to work + live by for a long time. The following is the exert from the interview with Jenny Kee & written by Benjamin Law.

'...If you’re on a creative path, go for it. Don’t try and build an empire. Do things with integrity, in a small, meaningful way. If you’re really creative, create little businesses, so there’s lovely choice with original talents. One can make a living doing that.'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

River Oak

The curse of being creative is that even if you're physically ill with the flu,your mind is still alive with ideas.

I crawled out of bed Sunday morning to try & make Mum's Day a little lovely for mother dearest,but after half a day out in the elements & snotting through a box of tissues I had to go home & rest. I hate being sick. I hate being sick,feeling like crap & simultaneously being excited about a new project I want to start.

Armed with a new box of tissues,filled to the eyeballs with cold+flu tablets,rugged up like a paranoid Eskimo, I made my way to my studio to get stuck into making these little cheeseboards I've been wanting to make for a while now.

I got my hands on a beautiful piece of River Oak & thought it would be perfect to create these little cheesy delights.Um,my poor jigsaw blade just snapped,but this is the result so far! It's all trial & error,but I'm happy.

Drop by later when I've finished making these little fellas. Hopefully I'll still have fingers intact & am not in hospital with pneumonia.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

to the sea.

I miss the sea.

With winter doing a stealthy return,I'm kinda already having summer sunshiny withdrawals.I've also been so crazily busy this past month & it's been difficult to just STOP & take some time out to relish in the sunshine + absorb the sea for a decent period of time.I need a dose of Vitamin D man!

But I have decided that this weekend,the sea & me are going on a date.

I also haven't seen my lover face for 2 weeks now & have been battling with the flu whilst trying to work & my tooth fell out,so I feel like a sad,tired sea-less hobo.

Woe.Woe.Woe is me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love that man.

I know I've blogged about this before,but this guy is just beautiful.


My heart is so gigantic for this fella.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

cuddle badger

As we drove along the highway,sunset flickering through the passenger window,I listened on as lover face told me he'd like to own a badger for cuddling purposes.

I pointed out the fact that badgers probably don't like cuddling + they have big claws + teefs.

Lover face retorted that his cuddle badger would have broken teeth,he'd pull it's claws out,put it in a duffle bag & feed it soup.And because it'd be so bored in the bag,it would be welcoming of cuddles because it would be a nice change in the badgers life.

Things change in life,but I'm glad the silliness remains.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We've been managing to wander a fair bit lately in between working like crazy. The weather is slowly creeping into winter zone & it's nice to see + feel the changes in nature.

The other weekend lover face + I went bushwalking up in the mountains,the trail was dull so we ventured off into the bush & ended up in thick rich rainforest.We stumbled upon this amazing little waterfall that fell into a natural rock cave.crawled under roping vines.jumped boulders.climbed rock faces.fought over who had the most superior walking stick [mine was awesome!].ate mandarins whilst being completely engrossed by huge old strangler figs,quandongs,elephant ears,walking stick palms. 3 days later I was covered in scratches,bruises,my legs are sore & still blissing out.

Feelin' good.