Tuesday, November 29, 2011


One day I realised that I didn't particularly 
miss you,the rambling drifter.
I just missed that feeling of being treated 
right,the way it should be.
And that realisation set me free,of you.
Let the heart sail on...

the lost world

The Lost World + barefoot through rainforest + jumping stones in the rivers & creeks + crystal clear waterholes at the foot of the mountains + stripping down to undies + adventure lust smiles + picking & sharing wild blackberries + scratches.bruises.ticks.leeches + NO DINOSAURS!!!sadly + rice paper rolls + beans beans glorious beans + on the road again in the VW Camper with Ren.Al.Odi + red wine.james squires pale ale.guiness. + fish n chips.sea frolicking.smiles at Burleigh Heads
swimming in our undies under waterfalls beneath a sky full of stars + laying on the floor drinking wine & listening to Tom Waits. Life is pretty fucking ace.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

gold + mud.

Everything is within you.

gold + mud

happiness + pain

the laughter + death

You are not too old to burn your story through paper,leaving 
thumb prints hanging from each corner.
You are not too old to read books under bed covers with a torch,or to stare
at the glow of stars above.
You are not too old to run barefoot with a smile stuck on your face,
especially when times are hard.
To make mistakes,exchange a thousand awkward words with gorgeous strangers.
To fuck up splendidly & never ever ever ever give up.

And to tell someone you love them,every day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when you're in your little room.

Since moving closer to the sea I've resisted the urge to 
work from home,instead choosing to work directly from my studio 
near the mountains so my work stays at work & there's no temptation to get up at 2 in the morning to work on some idea that's infiltrated my brain & eventually slip into my old habit of zero sleep + brain fried.

BUT ALAS!!! I caved.

Making a tiny space in my bedroom for a desk + chair + my iMac + other computery junk.I now have a little workspace at home,but so far I'm still getting my sleep & not waking up at stupid hours of the night to work.

I found the little yellow chair at a tip shop for $2 + the old desk was $7 from Salvos + a can of Flamingo Pink spray paint $7.50 = a bit of cheap awesome fun.

Peregian Beach Markets + Originals | Sunday 20th November

Our 2nd expedition to the Peregian Beach Markets.
We had a gorgeous day selling artsy sea junk in our little pop-up shanty in the sunshine by the sea.Thankyous to my friends who popped by to help out + have yarns + giggles.And it was great meeting new customers,customers from last market & general smiley faces.Thankyou for your support!
Also a special thanks to the most squinchy little dog fella,Oddball.He was the stall mascot for the day & did an excellent job.

We stayed on afterwards for the Peregian Originals also which was a bit of fun in the sun.Some icey apple cider + shade from the scorching sun + swimming in the sea + gorgeous friends + silliness + great live bands,made for a most enjoyable afternoon.