Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when you're in your little room.

Since moving closer to the sea I've resisted the urge to 
work from home,instead choosing to work directly from my studio 
near the mountains so my work stays at work & there's no temptation to get up at 2 in the morning to work on some idea that's infiltrated my brain & eventually slip into my old habit of zero sleep + brain fried.

BUT ALAS!!! I caved.

Making a tiny space in my bedroom for a desk + chair + my iMac + other computery junk.I now have a little workspace at home,but so far I'm still getting my sleep & not waking up at stupid hours of the night to work.

I found the little yellow chair at a tip shop for $2 + the old desk was $7 from Salvos + a can of Flamingo Pink spray paint $7.50 = a bit of cheap awesome fun.

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