Thursday, March 31, 2011

drifting under the stars.

I've always had a fascination with sleeping outdoors,whether it be camping,sleeping on the sand underneath a sky of stars,in a teepee in the desert or swinging in a hammock with the afternoon breeze drifting by.

When I was little,I bought a packet of glow in the dark stars with some pocket money I'd saved up & stuck them to the ceiling of my bedroom so it felt like I was constantly sleeping outside,my parents thought I was weird.My bedroom window was always wide open so the night time breeze would lull me to sleep,it's always made me feel more peaceful sleeping that way even up till now.

I have major sleep issues,so having a space that relaxes me & encourages me to want to fall asleep is really important for me these days.

Below are some images I've collected off the innernetz of some gorgeous bedrooms/sleeping spaces/rooms that I'd love to drift off to sleep in.They all look so breezy & mega snuggly & generally sleepy-times yum!

[image/s sourced from the net]

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