Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm not crazily into technology.Even though it can be great,I mostly find it disturbing.I've never had an excellent mobile phone because I haven't had the best track record with keeping my phone safe.My last phone was lost into the sea.Another phone I accidentally dropped out of a bus.One phone was crushed into a million pieces after a horrible break-up,I did a good job at making sure he couldn't contact me anymore.

But after much contemplation & anxiety over whether I could commit to both a classy phone & phone contract,I have somehow ended up with the new iPhone 4.

To start with I was hatin' on it.Now,I love it.Maybe a little too much.I love that I can mostly take pictures of anything at anytime.I'm always seeing things that inspire me along my everyday travels & I like that I can take a quick snap of it as a reminder.Kind of like a digital inspiration board.Everything is readily available on that phone,which is a little disturbing,but also quite handy.

Anyways,here are some of the 50 trillion shots I've taken on my iPhone.

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