Friday, March 23, 2012

distant tomorrow's

Sorry for the lack of posts or lack of interesting posts.

The past couple of weeks have been odd,not so odd that I don't know what it is,but just odd in an frustrating sense. Everything in my life has been great lately,nothing to complain about & nothing to feel any strong emotions toward.

All I've been wanting to do is stay in bed & sleep the days away.Of course I know what this means in my world [and anybody else who has some mental issues] & it's horribly frustrating,but at the same time I haven't been sleeping well at night + the weather has been gloomy.

So,I'm just allowing myself to lock myself in the house,wander around in shitty old clothes,isolate myself from the rest of the world,drink lots of tea & just feel what I'm feelin',even if it consists of emptiness + hopelessness. They're only feelings & they will float on by soon enough.

I am still participating in life partially,but for now I'm on my little island of solitude until further notice.

Seeya on the flipside! xx

[photos found on zee innernetz]

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