Monday, October 17, 2011

delicious sunday.

Yesterday was so yum!!
It was the first real sign of a summer to come,bluest sky,warm,sunshine,clear water & people out & about enjoying their Sunday.
I hung out with my housemate Crispy.

We went wandering around Peregian markets,bought our weekly hourd of fresh fruit & veges.I picked up some shells & learnt from the shell man that a shell I collected from the Philippines long ago is a Tritons Trumpet Shell which is used in the Pacific as a ceremonial blow shell,cool.We drank organic iced chai whilst sitting under a big old palm along the beach & spoke copious amounts of shit.

Followed by getting lost in the Eumundi bookstore,buying myself a fresh new Moleskin art journal & then off to the Eumundi Pub for delicious eats + drinks.

Then we spent the afternoon frolicking in the gorgeous sea at Point Cartwright,before heading home to cook a feast of roast chicken + fresh veges + herbs from the back garden for dinner. 

Sunkissed,full bellies,yarns,laughing,refreshed by the sea & maybe even a bit of inspiration flooding back! SUNDAY BLISS.

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